Confirmed: GTTV PS3 Exclusive Reveal Will Be From SuperBot Entertainment, Probably PlayStation All-Stars

If you’re a regular reader of PSLS, we’ve got some news that won’t surprise you all that much – this Thursday’s PS3 exclusive reveal will be from new developer SuperBot Entertainment.

We first broke the news that SuperBot were working on a “combat heavy” PS3 exclusive, followed the rumors that they were creating a Sony Super Smash Bros game called Title Fight, and then reported it could be called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, which we further backed up with proof that Sony had registered a domain of the same name. Everything pointed towards SuperBot announcing the game this Thursday, as GTTV’s big “secret PS3 exclusive reveal“, something that has now been confirmed in a promotional teaser:

Be sure to come back to PSLS this Thursday for the full details on the game, and more. While you wait, be sure to check out the appropriately-themed latest edition of the PSLS webcomic, POWERon: