Rumor: Sony Super Smash Bros Game to be Titled “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale”

One of the big rumors of late last year was that Sony is working on a Super Smash Bros-style game with all your favorite PlayStation characters. Now, a survey seems to suggest that the game will be called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

We received a reader tip that an alleged Sony survey suggests the game is called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, with the questionnaire asking how the tipster felt about the name:

Previous rumors suggested the name would be Title Fight, so it’s possible that both names are under consideration. Developer SuperBot Entertainment is generally thought to be the studio behind the project, with the help of Sony Santa Monica. Last year, PSLS uncovered that SuperBot is working on a “combat heavy” PS3 exclusive.

Separately, PSLS sources have confirmed to us that such a game is indeed in development, and will see an E3 reveal this year.

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