PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is Official, Coming Exclusively to PS3

Surprise! The game we’ve been telling you about all week is now official.

Revealed just now on GTTV, Sony’s Super Smash Bros. style game will indeed be called the rather long-winded title of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, as we were the first to report. The title is in development at the independent studio SuperBot Entertainment. The character roster includes “two decades of characters” including Kratos, Radec from Killzone, PaRappa the Rapper, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth and a Fat Princess. Radec was shown with a jetpack, and Sweet Tooth has access to a truck. 3rd party characters have been confirmed, but not detailed. DLC is a possibility. Several players can play as the same character at once, with the game supporting up to 4 players. Levels include areas from Buzz!, GOW and Patapon as well as dreamscapes inspired by LBP. The GOW and Patapon levels are actually one and the same, with Hades occasionally turning around and fighting the Patapons in the background. However, there are multiple GOW levels, including one with a hydra in the background and Mount Olympus.

The Buzz! level has quiz questions you can answer in the middle of the fight for beneficial side effects. All of the levels are dynamic and move in the background, often influencing play. PSASBR will run at 60FPS.

The game will release this holiday, 2012!

That’s all that was revealed, with the studio teasing more at E3.

Be sure to read our in-depth hands-on look and take a look at some new screens and a trailer for the game here.

What do you think of the news? Is it great news for the PlayStation faithful, or just too similar to SSB? Let us know in the comments below.