The Weapons & Engineer Class Of Wheels of Destruction Revealed

The weapons available for players to use against opponents in upcoming PSN car combat title Wheels of Destruction have been revealed. Also, a new trailer that shows the Engineer class in the game has been released.

On the PS Blog, Gelid Games Lead Designer Peter Porai-Koshits revealed the weapon selection available in WOD. Four weapon types are in the game and each weapon has primary fire and alternate fire modes accessible via the d-pad.

The Gatling Gun is available to all players and never runs out of ammunition, but is weak and imprecise. The alternate fire, though, is said to be very powerful: a very short-ranged spread shotgun that fires with massive force. With plenty of skill and a little luck, players can land an instant kill shot with the shotgun.

The next weapons are rockets and mortar. The rocket’s functionality is straightforward and doesn’t require much strategy to get a kill, but players can avoid rockets. However, the rocket’s alternate fire, the mortar, is much tougher to avoid. The mortar launches a rocket into battle and creates a blast that launches affected enemies and allies into the air. Players can also use the mortar jump similar to how players in an FPS would use a rocket jump: they can fire the mortar into the ground while accelerating to gain vantage points in combat. Players can also use the mortar jump to knock players off of their vantage points as well.

The flamethrower will do quite a bit of damage to enemies per second. Faster vehicles will be likely to evade its stream, while larger and slower vehicles are most likely to be affected by it due to their inability to evade its stream. The flamethrower’s alternate fire is the fire ring, which attacks all enemies within a set radius. The radius isn’t large, but it can be fired into a crowd to severely damage smaller enemies. The flamethrower and fire ring both ignore enemy shields and will also make aiming impossible for vehicles while they burn. Players will need to pick up a repair power-up after being attacked.

The fourth and final weapon is the rail gun, which allows players to take out an opponent with a single hit that spans the entire map. The rail gun also has a lengthy recharge. The rail gun’s alternate fire is the BFG, which can obliterate four or five players with a lucky shot. It’s also said to have “unpredictable behavior” and is not to be wasted.

Also, the game’s Engineer class has been revealed in a new video released today. The Engineer is a “high risk, high reward” class that has the highest jump, the most powerful boost and radar, and a powerful shield as well. The trailer closes with the game’s logo and release date.

To view the video about the Engineer class, click on the video below:

Wheels of Destruction will release exclusively for PSN on April 3rd.

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