Free Prequel DLC ‘Bakuki’s Lair’ Coming to Escape Plan

If you’ve enjoyed your time with the PlayStation Vita’s artsy puzzle platformer Escape Plan, I’ve got some good news for you as the experience isn’t quite over just yet. Sony has announced that prequel content, coming free of charge, will be available later this month.

The DLC pack, dubbed ‘Bakuki’s Lair’ will feature a total of 19 new puzzle rooms that flesh out the events that precede the original game’s main story. Bundled in with the downloadable content will be a patch that tweaks several aspects of the game, including player scoring as well as tighter controls. Additionally, this update is said to lay the groundwork for future content that will be available down the line.

PlayStation Plus members will also be treated to a little something extra in the form of five free Escape Plan avatars. Of course, those who don’t have a subscription will be able to purchase them for a small fee.

The patch and downloadable content will be available via PSN on April 10th.