Gearbox’s Mike Newman Indirectly Speaks Out Against ME3 Ending Uproar, Gamers Have “No Right to Petition”

The controversy stemming from fans’ reaction to the ending of Mass Effect 3 has penetrated virtually every nook and cranny of this industry. From critics to developers to the general gaming public, nearly everyone has a strong opinion on the matter, and Gearbox’s Mike Newman is no exception.

Newman, who is currently working on Aliens: Colonial Marines, recently shared his thoughts on the matter, saying that gamers “have no right to petition artists to change their art.”

While Newman didn’t directly reference BioWare’s title, it’s safe to assume that his comments were made in response to the outcry from fans to have the ending changed. In an interview with OPM, Newman explained that while gamers are more than welcome to voice their complaints about a particular game, they in now way have the right to petition them to change it.

You have no right to petition people in art. You don’t, I don’t give a shit. That’s on me, that’s not Gearbox, that’s totally me. You have no right to petition artists to change their art.

You can not like it, you can not buy it, you can not enjoy it, that’s fine. Bitch all you want, [but] you can not petition them.

Earlier today, BioWare announced that they’ll be releasing an extended cut version of Mass Effect 3’s ending to appease fans who were displeased with how the game originally concluded.