Japan-Exclusive RE6 Platinum Edition Priced at $1,240, Includes Leather Jacket

Those who consider themselves the hardest of hardcore Resident Evil fans will want to check out the exclusive Platinum Edition for Resident Evil 6, which comes with all sorts of goodies and one hefty price tag.

Included in the bundle is a copy of the game (obviously), four cellphone cases (one for each of the three main characters as well as an unknown ‘secret’ case) and a genuine replica of the leather jacket that Leon Kennedy wears in the game.

Unfortunately for all of you drooling right now, you’ve got two very specific conditions to meet. First, you need to live in Japan, as this edition is being released only on Capcom’s Japanese eStore, and second, you need ¥100,000 to spare. That’s right, this incredibly exclusive edition of Resident Evil 6 comes to about $1,240.

Let’s face it, looking good ain’t cheap.

Does the RE6 Platinum Edition officially qualify as the most ridiculous collector’s edition of all time? If you can think of a better one, sound off with some examples in the comments below.