Mass Effect 3 on 360 Outsells PS3 Version 4:1, Boasts Greenberg

Easily the biggest release of the year to date, Mass Effect 3 was hyped by both Sony and Microsoft as an important part of their 2012 line-up. Unsurprisingly, the 360 version of the game has taken the sales lead in the US, with the Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft proudly announcing the 360’s strong figures.

Aaron Greenberg said on Twitter:

Mass Effect 3 was #1 title in March, 943K units on Xbox 360, outsold PS3 version 4:1. #NPD

Of course, I think anyone could have predicted that the 360 would sell more units – there are a lot more 360s in the US, and Mass Effect 1 was a 360 console exclusive and ME2 a timed exclusive. But did you expect the sales difference to be so drastic? And are you surprised that the game sold less than a million units? Share your thoughts in the comments below.