PlayStation Vita Firmware v1.67 Goes Live

Sony might have brought out two Vita firmware updates last week that didn’t do much, but that hasn’t stopped the update-crazy company releasing yet another update, v1.67.

This time, the official PS Blogs haven’t even announced the update, showing just how featureless it is. Presumably the patch fixes some security holes, although it’d be nice if they added something we can actually use with each update, or made remote play as good as they originally promised. The patch is 97MBs and is live now. Luckily, the Vita does seem to update much faster than the PS3, so it shouldn’t take too long to keep your Vita up-to-date.

What’s your thoughts on the constant updates? Do you mind that you have to update the handheld three times in two weeks, or is the fight against piracy worth the minor hurdles? Start the discussion in the comments below.