IO Interactive Releases “Hope News Times” Article Tease from Hitman Absolution

The local newspaper for Hitman’s fictional town of Hope South Dakota, dubbed “Hope News Times” has just released its first issue, and IO Interactive is teasing gamers with various plot points hidden in the cover page.

According to the tease, the town’s “local legend” Blake Dexter has quite an influence on the people of Hope, and his company Dexter Industries plays a significant part in his popularity. Naturally, when everyone’s favorite hitman, Agent 47 comes to town, all sorts of crazy stuff goes down.

Check out the teaser for yourself below:

Square will be releasing a new cover issue every Thursday, as well as a new screenshot from the game every Friday, so be sure to check back here each week at that time for more Hitman Absolution goodness. Additionally, all of this media can be found at the game’s official Facebook page as well as their Barcode Society website.

If you manage to spot anything interesting from the image above, or just have a few theories on how this may play out in the actual game, be sure to share it with the rest of the PlayStation LifeStyle community in the comments below.