IO Interactive Outlines What to Expect from Hitman 2’s Tropical Haven Island Content

Earlier this month, IO Interactive unveiled the September 2019 roadmap for Hitman 2, which concludes the sequel’s Expansion Pass content. The Haven Island map, set to launch on September 24th, will serve as the title’s last big hurrah. With the days winding down before this tropical release goes live, IO has offered a bit more information on what fans can expect from Haven Island. Apparently, a sunny paradise isn’t all that awaits Agent 47.

When the Haven Island locale becomes available in Hitman 2’s “Destination” menu, players will have access to The Last Resort mission. In it, 47 will be met with new targets to dispatch, a slew of additional gameplay opportunities, mastery unlocks, over 70 brand-new challenges, and much more. Of course, this new batch of content also means new trophies/achievements are entering the mix.

On IO Interactive’s blog, the developer posted a rundown of everything the Haven Island destination will add to Hitman 2’s experience. See everything listed below:

New Location: Haven Island, Maldives

  • Your new hub for all Haven Island content.

New Campaign Mission: The Last Resort

  • Explore Haven Island, eliminate three targets and find your exit. Mission complete.

Full Support for Contracts Mode

  • Create your own contracts by choosing your targets and how to eliminate them – then compete with your friends!

75+ New Challenges

  • Complete Haven Island challenges to earn XP, plus complete all three Mission Story challenges to unlock a new weapon.

20 Levels of Location Mastery

  • Unlock starting locations, agency pickups and new items when you complete challenges and earn XP.

5 New Location Mastery unlocks

  • Get your hands on four new and unique items as well as a stylish new suit that you can use in any location.

7 New Trophies / Achievements to Earn

  • Boost your gamerscore, collect trophies or unlock achievements.

Thus far, IO has only teased what Agent 47’s mission on Haven Island entails. Interestingly, the island resort is the “headquarters of the world’s premiere reputation management service.” 47 will arrive in the guise of a guest at the privately-owned island, on the heels of the events that closed out the bank mission. Who knows what kind of trouble he’s bound to get into? As the new content’s September 24th release date draws near, IO Interactive plans to unleash even more details.

Hitman 2 is available now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: IO Interactive]