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Hitman 2’s June Update Will Take Agent 47 to a New York Bank

A slew of new content will drop tomorrow, June 25th, for Hitman 2. The star of the June update, however, is the new sandbox location, a New York bank. Special Assignments Pack 1 will serve as the other major addition. While both will be a part of the title’s Expansion Pass content, IO Interactive’s latest blog post on the matter reminds that it is best to “search for each individual item on the store and download the content from there.”

The New York sandbox takes place in the Milton-Fitzpatrick Investment Bank. With this brand-new map, players get to take on the “Golden Handshake” campaign mission. Contract Mode will be supported in the new location, as well. Trophy hunters may be pleased to learn that a new set of trophies have also been added to Hitman 2 for the New York map. This bit of the update will weigh approximately 3GB on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the PC update comes in at around 2.5GB. Special Assignments Pack 1 is much heftier, clocking in at 10GB for the consoles, and 8.6GB for PC.

The first Special Assignments Pack will send Agent 47 on two separate missions. One will have Agent 47 return to Mumbai and take out a new target, Basil Carnaby. Agent 47 will head back to Santa Fortuna on the second mission, looking to put a stop to the nefarious deeds of Blair Reddington.

For a look at all the June update for Hitman 2 will have on offer, check out the trailer below:

In addition, Hitman 2’s June update includes Game Update 2.40, which will implement a number of changes and fixes. A few include fixing issues concerning the HUD, a flying fish bug, Silent Assassin tracking, Ghost Mode, Challenges, swimming, language setting, and much more.

Hitman 2 is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: IO Interactive]