Io-Interactive Makes Changes to Hitman on Digital Stores to Prepare for the Franchise’s Future

With last month’s shocking news that Square Enix was dropping Hitman developer Io-Interactive, a lot of people wondered what this would mean for the future of the franchise. Well, thankfully, the studio is keeping the rights to Hitman.

In a post on its official website earlier today, Io-Interactive announced that a few changes to Hitman will be implemented which should make it easier to buy the game digitally, and should help the studio “lay the foundations” for its future plans for Hitman.

We are announcing these changes today, to make sure that existing players are fully aware of their options and to give a fair amount of time before these changes come into effect.

Here’s the core of the changes:

In approximately 2 weeks time, The ‘Intro Pack’ and ‘Upgrade Pack’ will be removed from digital stores and will no longer be available for purchase.

As the HITMAN pages on digital storefronts will look a little different in 2 weeks, here’s what to expect on each platform:

PS4: After the changes, Intro Pack owners will be able to purchase ‘The Complete First Season’ at the standard price. Individual episodes will remain available for purchase.

These changes do not affect anyone who purchased the Complete First Season on disc, nor do they affect any existing digital purchases. If you already own either ‘The Complete First Season’ or the ‘Upgrade Pack’, these changes will not affect you.

You can click here to see the changes on Steam and Xbox One. You can check out the content roadmap for Hitman this month here.

Let’s hope we get a clearer picture of Io-Interactive’s next home soon.

[Source: Io-Interactive]