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PlayStation Home Update: Client Update 1.65, New x7 Updates, Island Bungalow Space, & More

This week’s update for PlayStation Home includes a client update, new updates for PlayStation Home nightclub x7, an Island Bungalow space, and more.

First, the PlayStation Home client will be updating to version 1.65. A full list of features for the client update can be found here, but here are some of the highlights:

  • A new simplified Menu Screen
  • Furniture slot memory adjustments and enhanced visual display of available memory use
  • A new Voice Chat system
  • Alerts are now integrated better
  • Shopping right from the Wardrobe
  • Cross game invite system has been expanded
  • Improved stability of real-time games

The x7 space’s exclusive update will include early access to items such as new fantasy furniture, three new companions, a new x7 exclusive bundle, and even an unspecified “freebie.”

Wardrobe-wise, beats by dr. dre will be made available to PS Home users in black, white, red, and blue and will be available in a bundle. Whether or not the items are available for purchase individually is not specified.

Konami is releasing new Secret Agent items for wardrobe as well, offering spy clothes as individual clothing pieces.

PS Home users looking for a companion can pick up Juggernaut’s Green Machine, which can be seen in the Media Gallery below.

A new personal space is coming to PlayStation Home: the Island Bungalow, which will be available as a personal space or a clubhouse. The space comes with themed furniture, including: the Island Bungalow Lounge Chair, the Island Bungalow Outdoor Footstool, the Island Bungalow Outdoor Sofa, and the Island Bungalow Coffee Table. For a limited time, the space will be available as an open house for users to preview it. It will be available in the Estates store beginning on Wednesday. A trailer for the space can be seen in one of the two videos below.

Community Theater will see Urgent Fury and Gamer Indepth’s (and The Tester Season 1 participant) Luge will be releasing videos in Community Theater this week, including a look at Sony’s MLB 12 The Show and Tiger Woods PGA Golf 13 from EA, in addition to a Luge Cam Tour of PlayStation Home.

Other updates include: Granzella Samurai items, classy ladies evening wear from Juggernaut (available now), and the Elemental Auras (available now).

To view the Island Bungalow preview video and the Urgent Fury Urgent Frequency Television video, click on the videos below:

To view images of beats by dr. dre, the Green Machine companion, and the Secret Agent clothing items, click on the Media Gallery below:

PS Home users: What do you think about the upcoming update? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: PS Blog]