PlayStation Home Mega Update: x7 Club, Novus Prime 5.5 Update, Great Edo of Nippon Update, More

A new nightclub, an update for Novus Prime, an update for Great Edo of Nippon, new clothes, and a new quest are all part of this week’s PlayStation Home update arriving on Wednesday. An announcement about a game coming to PS Home next week is made as well. Read on to find out more, as well as take a look at some PSLS exclusive Novus Prime images.

The first addition to PlayStation Home is the x7 nightclub. x7 is a VIP nightclub where PlayStation Plus subscribers and collectors of the PS Home Exclusive line can get early access to select content before it’s released to the public, discounts, and free items. Other PS Home users can access x7 for $4.99 for a weekly pass. The game FLIRT can also be played in x7, where users can compete against each other to become king or queen of the nightclub. A video of the nightclub can be seen towards the bottom of this post.

Novus Prime Update 5.5 is being released to PlayStation Home as well, when the items listed below will be released. Members of the x7 club will receive one week early access to the below items. PSLS exclusive screenshots of the items can be seen in the Media Gallery towards the bottom of this post.

  • Obsidian Bladewalker Suit
    • 4 custom animations and holographic weapon
    • Built-in permanent 5% XP boost for Novus Prime
    • Male only
    • 20% off if you already own the Obsidian Pilot Suit!
  • Midas Reactive Defense System (5-piece suit set)
    • Available as full suit or 5 separate pieces
    • Each piece comes with a built-in permanent Nebulon boost for Novus Prime.
    • Nebulon boosts are stackable (can combine the boost from each piece, 25% total boost for the entire outfit)
    • Male and female versions
  • Obsidian Throwing Star (hand clothing item)
    • Appears on the avatar’s back
    • Male and female version
  • Ion Stream Power Armor suit (torso/legs/feet item)
    • Designed to complement the Nebulon Interweave Suit for female avatars
    • Male only

A new update is also coming to Granzella’s Great Edo of Nippon, where players assume the roles of samurai that can battle alone or work together to defeat evil spirits that roam the streets of the alternate world of Edo. Players can use the free bamboo sword to fight the spirits or purchase more powerful weapons and armor. Players can also attack, defend, crouch, jump, slice vertically, use side cuts, and more. Screenshots can be viewed in the Media Gallery below.

Lockwood Publishing will be releasing the Drey Prop Pack, which has items for PS Home users to add to their residences, such as a vintage leather sofa and cushion, swing bench, frilled parasol, and a horse.

In game-related news, Lockwood will be bringing the game Sodium2 Legendary Racers to PS Home “soon”, which includes new XP rewards.

Finally, the Activity Board will include a new Spring Fling quest.

To view the x7 video, click on the video below:

To view the Novus Prime Update 5.5 trailer, click on the video below:

To view screenshots of some of the above content, including PSLS exclusive screenshots of the Novus Prime update, click on the Media Gallery below:

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