Pachter: GTA V Will Be The Biggest Game of E3, Shown The Day Before

Still reeling from the news that PSASBR is real? Get over it, because there’s more stuff to read.

On the same GTTV show, everyone’s favorite analyst Michael Pachter is now predicting that GTA V will be the biggest game of E3… but won’t actually be at E3.

Rockstar has outgrown the show. They’re too cool for the show

My read on those guys is that they like stealing the thunder from everyone else. So my guess is that we’ll hear an announcement the day before E3 so that that’s all everyone will be able to talk about.

Pachter guessed at an October 23rd release for GTA V and that Rockstar doesn’t care about ‘Bioshock 2‘ (we think he meant Bioshock Infinite) and the close release proximity.