Sorcery Developer Diary Details Game Mechanics, Move Technology

May 4, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Ever since Sony launched the PlayStation Move a couple of years ago, gamers have been waiting for that killer app that truly takes advantage of the super accurate motion controller. Fortunately, it looks like that game is nearly upon us as Sony Santa Monica’s Sorcery is just weeks away.

In order to gear up for the game’s release, the team is releasing a four-part video documentary series leading up to the big May 22nd launch, and we’ve got the first developer diary for you to check out below.

While at first glance Sorcery may just look like a shallow kid’s game, the Move controls do a lot to make this experience not only unique and different, but also incredibly deep. From the robust alchemy level progression system to the wide array of spell combinations, it really looks like the studio is doing all they can to make this the PlayStation Move’s killer app, even if it is a bit late to the party.

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