Reality Fighters DLC: Free Pack Out Today, Ghostbusters DLC Coming & More

May 8, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Sony has announced free DLC that’s coming to Reality Fighters today, in addition to announcing two more DLC packs coming this month — one of which is themed after the popular film franchise, Ghostbusters.

Available today for free is the Weapons Pack, which features fifteen new weapons, including a smoke bomb, a jetpack, a cannon, and more.

Available on May 15th will be the Soccer Pack, which gives players access to the brand-new Soccer fighting style, which has over a dozen unique moves. The pack will cost $2.99.

Finally, on May 22nd, the Ghostbusters Pack will be released. The pack includes two new outfits: the Ghostbusters uniform (goggles, a shirt, gloves, pants and boots) and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (head, body, hands, legs and feet). The pack also features three new weapons, including the Ghostbusters proton pack, the Ghostbusters ghost trap, and Ecto 1. The Ghostbusters Pack will also cost $2.99.

To view images and screenshots of the DLC packs, click on the Media Gallery below:

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