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Sega Sitting Out Gamescom 2012, “Simply a Commercial Decision”

May 9, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

It looks like Sega won’t be making the trip to gamescom this year, as the company has just confirmed that they’ll be passing on the show again, just like they did back in 2010.

In a statement to GI.Biz, Sega explained why they plan to skip the event this year, careful to point out that this doesn’t mean that they are planning to remove themselves from the show completely in the future.

Sega has made the decision not to attend gamescom this year. Gamescom 2011 was a very successful show for us and continues to be the most important European event in the calendar.

Unfortunately the release timing of our 2012 AAA titles and new projects don’t work with the mid- August scheduling of the show. The decision will not mean that Sega will never attend gamescom in the future, this was simply a commercial decision made for 2012.

It’s no secret that Sega has been struggling recently, as the publisher has not only been forced to make substantial cuts, but also take a much more focused approach. Let’s hope that the company can get itself back on track over the coming months and offer some compelling software for gamers to sink their teeth into.