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Insert Disc: What Are You Playing Memorial Day Weekend?

May 27, 2012Written by Heath Hindman

It’s a three-day weekend for most of you, so hey, what games are you looking to fill your extra time with?

I had more fun with Gravity Rush than I’ve had with any video game in a long time. Elsewhere I called it the Vita’s first must-buy because of how unique it is and how it’s an example of a game being art. For the good of the game industry, pick that sucker up on the 12th (NA) or 13th (EU) of June.

My wife and I started a thing where we play a game the other person has, but we haven’t. Her choice for me was the SNES game Earthbound, while I picked Xenogears for her. I’ve been busy so I’m not too far into Earthbound yet (like six hours), but she’s loving Xenogears. Fun related fact, Xenogears and Gravity Rush are the only two games I’ve ever reviewed as 9‘s in my 25 PSLS reviews — and here they are being talked about in the same piece. Clearly we’re playing only the finest, over here.