Bethesda Launches Dishonored Blog, Teases Stealth Gameplay Footage

May 28, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Bethesda has just launched the official blog for Arkane Studio’s highly anticipated atmospheric first-person stealth action title Dishonored.

Those of you eagerly anticipating this dark and mysterious action adventure can visit the Tumblr blog here to see all sorts of interesting bits of information, including art, gameplay teases and audio commentary from the game’s development and design team.

One particularly interesting clip from the page features a snippet of gameplay footage that showcases an impressive stealth kill.

Give it a look below:

Player choice is a major part of the Dishonored experience, as going about the world and accomplishing objectives presents a wide array of opportunities for the gamer to experiment with a suite of different gameplay mechanics.

E3 is just a week away and Bethesda is sure to be showing off Dishonored in a big way at the show. PlayStation LifeStyle will be on site in LA to provide you with all of the details on this ambitious action title, so stay tuned for more information.