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Weird West Delayed to Early 2022, New Gameplay Trailer Released

Along with a new gameplay trailer, WolfEye Studios revealed it has delayed its fantasy Western adventure game Weird West to January 11, 2022. The game was originally set to release sometime in Fall this year for the PS4 and PS5. The new gameplay trailer dives into many of Weird West’s interactive elements, from hiding and burying bodies to lighting and extinguishing fires.

Weird West is an upcoming action-adventure RPG currently in development under WolfEye Studios. Leading the studio is Raphaël Colantonio, co-founder of Dishonored‘s Arkane Studios. Weird West combines traditional fantasy elements with a distinctly Wild West setting, featuring a cast of characters each with their own background. Similar to other RPG games like the Divinity series, players can make choices that will influence the story, and interact with their environments to give them an edge in combat.

Notably, the game will feature an interesting blend of RPG and shooting mechanics. As Colantonio notes in the trailer, Weird West will allow players to travel wherever they wish and pick up quests along the way. Players can also choose to follow the game’s story, or go on their own and choose how they’d like to unveil the story. In terms of gameplay length, Colantonio states that Weird West will have at least 40 hours of content, split between the five playable characters.

Colantonio also reveals that anything that seems interactable in Weird West is most likely interactable. Most of the items in the game including the contents of barrels and character inventories can also be dropped or placed freely. Players can kick down barrels full of flammables to burn enemies, pick up and bury bodies, and even throw bottles to distract enemies to take them out from the shadows.

You can check out the official Weird West gameplay and release date announcement trailer below:

Weird West is now coming January 11, 2022.

[Source: VGC]