Arkane Co-Founder’s New Studio Unveils Stylish Action-RPG Weird West

Just a few weeks ago, Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Prey) Co-Founder, Raphaël Colantonio, announced the formation of a new development team named WolfEye Studios. As promised, the studio’s first project took center stage in a teaser trailer during The Game Awards 2019. Confirmed as an action-RPG, WolfEye’s first game, titled Weird West, seems a stylish and strange exploration of a beloved genre.

Get a look at WolfeEye Studios’ Weird West in the following announcement trailer:

From just the footage shown above, it appears Colantonio’s team is melding genres, bringing the supernatural to well known wild west tropes. Of course, this is not exactly a novel combination. (Upstream arcade’s West of Dead will launch sometime in 2020.) However, Weird West certainly seems as though it will provide quite the unique experience.

In the game, players will put on the boots of “atypical heroes,” forced to share the wild with fantastical beings. Adventuring alone is an option, but so, too, is navigating the west with a posse. Regardless, every decision counts. Legends will be written based on player-choice; thus, the world will change accordingly.

Another Arkane alumnus is deeply involved in the happenings at WolfEye, as well. While Colantonio serves in the Creative Director role, former Arkane Executive Producer, Julien Roby, is Executive Produce of the new studio. Interestingly, the team itself does not really have a home base. Rather, Colantonio and Roby lead the WolfEye Studios remotely. What about the company’s employees? Apparently, they all work from home, following what Colantonio and Co. refer to as a “distributed” development model.