Robert Bowling Explains Respawn Snub

Upon Robert Bowling’s departure from Activision/Infinity Ward, many believed the former Call of Duty: Modern Warfare creative strategist would be heading to Respawn Entertainment to join up with Jason West and Vince Zampella. Instead, though, he formed a new game development company, Robotoki. Bowling has explained why he took the decision to form the firm as opposed to joining Respawn.

In speaking with VentureBeat during an interview, Bowling stated the reason to dismiss Respawn was due to wanting to find something new:

[Zampella and the Respawn Entertainment crew] were my role models, friends, and partners for many, many years. However, for me, it felt important to strike out and really create something completely different that I felt no one else was doing yet. That takes a lot of risk and a true creative clean slate, which Robotoki has allowed me to accomplish.

Bowling recently revealed his first project; a, wait for it, zombie title. Yes, he wanted to start afresh and create “something completely different” so he’s developing the umpteenth game in the genre. How logical.

Entitled Human Element, the game is currently scheduled for a release in 2015 on the next-generation of consoles.