Blu-Ray Journey Compilation From thatgamecompany Coming Later This Summer

June 21, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Gamers looking to pick up all three of thatgamecompany’s works of art on a single disc are in luck, as a compilation featuring all three of their PlayStation Network-exclusive games is set to launch this August.

A listing for the game was first outed by GameFly (via Superannuation), which has the bundle currently titled as the Journey Compilation and set for an August 28th release date. The game will include all three of their titles: fl0w, Flower, and Journey despite the title only referencing the latter. While Sony has yet to confirm the legitimacy of this listing, TGC has confessed it is real on Twitter.

The title could simply be a placeholder, but considering how popular Journey has become, it would be foolish for them not to use the instantly recognizable name in the title. After all, the average gamer would likely be more apt to pick up a game bearing Journey in the title versus thatgamecompany, even though calling it the “TGC Collection” would be a bit more accurate.

Or perhaps having Journey in the title isn’t specifically referencing their latest game, but instead a representation of the emotional “journey” that this trio of games will take the player on. Hey, you never know. Jenova Chen is known to think outside the box from time to time.