Enhanced Presentation, Mid-Air Finishers, & More Highlighted In WWE ’13 Trailer

WWE ’13 is striving to have better presentation, improved animations, mid-air finishers, and more.

THQ’s latest trailer for WWE ’13 is narrated by WWE Games Creative Director Cory Ledesma, who gives a rundown of some of the improvements and new features in this year’s WWE video game. Ledesma first offers details on WWE Live, the new presentation system in the game that is said to better capture the atmosphere of the WWE. The crowd has an improved audio system and reacts dynamically to what’s going on in the ring. The in-ring action is also getting a WWE Live enhancement via remastered in-ring and mat effects.

Fans looking forward to the Attitude Era experience in Season Mode will be glad to know that this year’s installment has two commentary teams: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler for commentary from that time period and Michael Cole and King for more modern commentary.

The Predator Technology initially introduced in WWE ’12 has seen improvements in fluidity and number of animations, in addition to the ability to catch an opponent in mid-air and execute a finisher. Demonstrated examples include Chris Jericho hitting a Codebreaker on a diving Sheamus and Big Show catching CM Punk off of a turnbuckle dive to execute a Chokeslam.

Finally, the game will include more realistic models that include larger-sized models for bigger superstars such as Big Show and Mark Henry, not to mention more “spectacular moments.” Some of the spectacular moments include The Undertaker’s infamous Chokeslam of Mankind off of the top of the Hell in a Cell and the Big Show superplexing Mark Henry off the top rope to “implode” the ring.

WWE ’13‘s inclusion of mid-air finishers is likely to be welcomed by fans of WWE games, as quite a number of them have taken place on RAW, SmackDown, and pay-per-view events over the years. What mid-air finisher moment would you like to see included?