Train In The Fight Lab In New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer

Take a look at the features of Tekken Tag Tournament 2‘s training mode in the latest trailer for the game.

The trailer released today by Namco Bandai focuses on the game’s “Fight Lab,” which will have players engaging in various training exercises that have been designed to teach players the basic and advanced mechanics of the game. As players progress through the exercises, they’ll earn credits that will enable them to mix and match moves from various fighters across the game’s roster to customize their own Combot (the character that players control throughout Fight Lab).

Footage shown towards the ends of the trailer seems to show that customization of combos by combining moves from different characters is possible as well, with each character’s name appearing at the bottom of the screen as the combo is constructed from the components of their move sets.

With a roster of over 50 characters to choose from, which fighters will you borrow moves from to customize your Combot?