Join The Hordes Of The Undead In Resident Evil 6’s “Agent Hunt” Mode

Resident Evil 6 will allow gamers to control the undead via a new mode that’s been added to the game.

In the game’s “Agent Hunt” mode, players will take the role of one of the undead monsters that are hunting the game’s protagonists in someone else’s game. Multiple players will be able to enter someone else’s game and use voice chat to communicate with one another. The player whose game is being invaded won’t be able to hear the voice chat, but will be notified when another player has entered their game, despite not having the player-controlled monsters identified for them.

Agent Hunt is integrated into the main game, although players will have to first complete the game in order to access it, which will then open up the functionality to select stages. Players will also be able to turn off the functionality if they wish.

Furthermore, Agent Hunt will also have exclusive leaderboards, but details on what exactly the leaderboards will be keeping track of (scores, best times, etc.) were not mentioned.

The mode isn’t the only unlockable that’s been confirmed today for Capcom’s upcoming survival horror game, as Ada Wong has been revealed to become unlocked as a playable character after a player has beaten the three main playable characters’ campaigns.

Will you be invading someone else’s game as one of the undead? Or, will you open up your game to be invaded by other gamers?