Hideki Kamiya Calls PlayStation All-Stars “Just a Rip-Off”, Doesn’t Like the Game at all

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been repeatedly criticized for it’s obvious similarities to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. fighter, but generally people have either forgiven the title because they want to see Kratos vs Nathan Drake, or because they believe that it’s natural for games to borrow off of each other. But Bayonetta‘s Hideki Kamiya isn’t so easily pleased, in fact he completely dislikes the game.

He said in a series of tweets:

No. I don’t like that game. RT @Mitsjolol Let me ask u in a different way; Would you like to see him in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

It’s just a rip-off. RT @mirainog I’d luv 2 C the P-100 heroes in Super Smash Bros. though! I agree w/ U abt PS All-Stars, doesn’t look gd.

I don’t like rip-off. That’s all. RT @Jumbadabum y dislike something U have not tried? Seems lk a bad attitude 4 a game developer 2 have.

And throw morals away. Great. RT @Jumbadabum Fans asked for a PS Smash. Listening to fans + following a successful series sounds good.

No interest. RT @sarshelyam Would you play PSASBR if someone put a PS3 and a copy of the game in front of you? Or, trying to prove a point?

After his views were published, several gamers began to ask whether he thought that Bayonetta was simply a rip-off of Devil May Cry and GOW, to which he replied:

Use your brain. RT @truthoh Isn’t Bayonetta a rip-off of Devil May Cry?

Again… RT @DNAgentry I know wht u mean abt Playstation All-Stars. I dont lk Bayonetta cause it’s a rip-off of God of War. whr R yr morals?

Oh, TOO many messages. It’s time to go to bed. Thanx guys & a few idiots! ;D

When previously asked about the similarities, SuperBot director Omar Kendal explained how he thought it was different:

PlayStation All Stars is its own game. I think that’s really the only way I can answer that. I understand that Smash players – some Smash players, not all Smash players do this – will sort of base how successful PlayStation All Stars as a game is on how accurately it recreates the Smash Brother’s experience. But that’s not really our goal.

Our goal is to create a unique combat experience for PlayStation All Stars that we fully admit borrows from many different kinds of games including Smash, but our goal is not solely replicate the Smash Brother’s experience.

I think based on ten minutes… maybe if you played it ten more minutes you’d have a different appreciation for the game. I just really would ask that players like you, approach it with an open mind.

So what do you think? Is the game just too similar to SSB, or has the game been changed enough to be beyond criticism? Or do you just not give a damn?