Our Japanese Studios Create The “Unexpected And Beautiful”, Says Sony

Sony believes titles such as the recently unveiled PS3 exclusive Rain is a testament to how the firm’s Japan-based studio delivers both “culturally and creatively”.

Michael Denny, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, spoke about the importance of having studios located around the world:

It’s great that Sony’s worldwide studios are truly a global studio, and to have influences from different regions both culturally and creatively is always fantastic.

Our Japanese studios always come up with something unexpected and usually beautiful, and set a different tone, so it was great to have the opportunity to introduce Rain. But that is very much what we wanted to do: just introduce it, just get you thinking about it and the concept. Then we’ll have much more to tell you in the weeks and months ahead.

SCEJ’s Rain, a platformer due for a release on the PlayStation Network, pits players into the shoes of an invisible boy who can only be seen in rain. The game was announced at gamescom, alongside Puppeteer.