New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Feature Recreation-Filled Fun

Earlier this week, Rockstar released a handful of new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots that gave us a look at a few different methods of transportation that will likely be available in their upcoming game. The studio has now followed that up with three more screens, this time showcasing various recreational activities.

I don’t think you need me to spell these out for you, so check out the images for yourself below.

It’s amazing how little it takes from Rockstar to get fans all excited. They’ve proven that they can deliver stellar content on a consistent basis, so there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Grand Theft Auto V will be amazing.

The beauty of open world games like this is that there’s so much to do and explore off the beaten path. Rockstar is responsible for making the open-world genre what it is today, and it looks like they’re going to raise the bar yet again with GTA V.