Star Wars 1313 Video Documentary Takes You to the Depths of Coruscant

The guys over at LucasArts have just released a documentary for their upcoming Bounty Hunter centric game, Star Wars 1313.

In the video we get a few brief glimpses of gorgeous in-game footage as well as bits of concept art depicting the dark criminal underworld that lies deep within Coruscant. Those who have only seen the movies likely aren’t aware of the dangers that lie below this bright and vibrant city, and Star Wars 1313 aims to introduce players to that mysterious and intriguing world.

We still don’t know what platforms this game will launch on, but judging by how jaw-droppingly gorgeous it is, there’s a good chance that Star Wars 1313 will launch on next-generation consoles.

What do you think of LucasArt’s dark and mysterious take on the Star Wars universe? Sound off with your thoughts below and be sure to keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle for future updates on this exciting new title.