Episodic The Walking Dead Games Intended to Make Players Sad

The creator and writer of The Walking Dead comics has explained how he told Telltale that the episodic installments for the TV series should “drive emotional impact”. Thankfully, then, the developer was already instilling an approach that delivers a “really emotional experience”.

Robert Kirkman explained to the PlayStation Blog:

Talking with the guys at Telltale, I said, ‘The Walking Dead is sad. If you can make players sad, that’s really what we’re after here. You want to drive the emotional impact of what it would be like to live in this world, and if you can achieve that in a game, that would be amazing.

And that was something the Telltale team was already striving for – making this a really emotional experience, not just scary or exciting. Those were the kinds of decisions we made very early on. But the type of game it is, and the way the gameplay works, is all Telltale.

Kirkman said he has no plans to tell the story related to how the zombie infection commenced:

I don’t ever really plan on doing that just because I feel like The Walking Dead is set in a very real, grounded world. Once you go past the fact that zombies are walking around trying to eat people, you’re gonna get more and more into the realm of science fiction. Any kind of explanation for why the zombies are walking around, to me, is just going to make it less grounded, less dramatic, and less real for the readers.

The next installment in the episodic series for The Walking Dead, Episode 3, is due for a launch “as soon as next week”.