Kazuo Hirai: Vita Worldwide Sales “Where we Would Expect it to be”

Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai has claimed that the Vita’s sales are in line with expectations, telling Reuters:

Worldwide, the Vita is pretty much along where we would expect it to be, maybe trending behind in certain territories.

The comments are similar to those of SCEA president and CEO, Jack Tretton, who said that Vita sales were “acceptable” a few weeks ago, but contrasts what he said at an investor call earlier this month, where he lowered the company’s Vita sales forecasts.

Last week it was revealed that the Vita sold 2.2 Million units as of June, a rise of 400k since May.

But with Sony against cutting the handheld’s price, what can the company do to increase sales? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and check out what we think on Daily Reaction.