Final Fantasy Anniversary Ultimate Box Announced, Includes Every Major Installment

During the opening of the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event, Square Enix announced a massive bundle that includes every proper FF title up through FFXIII.

The compilation – dubbed Final Fantasy Anniversary Box – includes the PSone updated versions of Final Fantasy I-VI, the original versions of Final Fantasy VII-IX that first released on the PSone, PS2 versions of Final Fantasy X-XII, and the current-generation title, Final Fantasy XIII.

Square will also be included a number of additional goodies, including a bonus disc that includes an anniversary video montage, a “Crystal Artworks” art book, a two-disc collection of music that spans the entire series, and a few other extras.

There’s no word yet on whether this massive bundle will see a release outside of Japan, though Square plans to release Final Fantasy Anniversary Box in their home country December 18th, the same day that the first Final Fantasy title released 25 years ago.