Insomniac Discusses Resistance Series, Theorizes Why it Didn’t Become Sony’s Halo

The PlayStation 3’s launch was accompanied by a sci-fi first-person shooter that aimed to serve as Sony’s answer to Halo (along with Killzone). Now, some six years later, Insomniac Games has decided to move on from the Resistance series after it failed to take off like they had hoped.

Ted Price, the CEO at Insomniac spoke with Kotaku about the series, addressing why he believes it failed to serve as Sony’s FPS killer app.

We have theories internally about why Resistance wasn’t a Halo. One is that we changed the game a lot in Resistance 2, and we surprised players in a way that perhaps wasn’t what was expected. And that may have not been a good thing. By changing up some of the core mechanics and— we got a lot of strong feedback when we did that.

On Resistance 3, we went back to some of our more traditional core mechanics that players did love, and then built a story that was more personal. That in our opinion was the way to move the franchise forward in a way that was unique for first-person shooters.

I couldn’t agree more with Price’s thoughts. Personally, I was a bit turned off to the series when Resistance 2 launched, but was totally won over with the third installment. Price went on to add that they’re “really proud of Resistance 3. The team felt very personally connected to Resistance 3.”

And they no doubt should be. It’s just a shame that they’ve decided to step away from the franchise after finally hitting their stride.