Unreal Tournament, The Darkness Developer Working on a “Very Prestigious AAA 1st Person Shooter”

If there’s one thing this generation is lacking, it’s enough first person shooters. Luckily Digital Extremes are hard at work on a new shooter, as we’ve uncovered a job listing that states:

We are deeply absorbed in the development of yet another super secret, hugely anticipated, and very prestigious AAA 1st person shooter, and you could join our team and be involved!

Meanwhile, another job listing suggests that it could be a next gen game:

Provide direction for the code architecture of a next-gen game engine

DE is also working on a third person adventure game based on Star Trek, but we’re most interested in this “super secret” FPS. The Darkness II didn’t exactly set the charts on fire, so it does seem unlikely for the game to see a sequel, but it certainly isn’t out if the equation. Unreal Tournament, meanwhile, used to be a shining beacon of what the Unreal Engine was capable of, routinely selling over a million copies.

Which “prestigious” shooter series would you like to see DE develop? Let us know in the comments below.