Daily Random: This is the End

Daily Random is an off topic piece for Daily Reaction, mostly for when Dan Oravasaari is out of commission, and/or when Sebastian Moss is sick. Read the final tale of this gripping trilogy of the Diary of NPCharles (Part 1, 2), and another entry for 2012’s gaming yearbook.

Dear Diary,

I saw myself die today. The stranger sliced me in two, life faded to black. And then? I was staring at the lake, Porky by my side.

Am I invincible? Do I live forever, outlasting all my friends, and perhaps even the stranger? I don’t know if I could live with that… but then, heh, I can’t not live with it.

I find myself asking whether this is it, whether this was all I was meant for, meant to do , meant to be? I just wish there was more to life. I want to do more, change the world around me, matter in the grand scheme of things, but I feel trapped. I can’t escape the prison of my mind. Is there someone out there with the answers?

Perhaps the lake will know.

-Norman Pincus Charles

Dan: Here’s another page in 2012’s Gaming Yearbook, this time with more stubble.

Most of you don’t read this far so we aren’t using this space today. Cheers 🙂