Daily Random: Save Us

Daily Random is a PSLS exclusive feature where Sebastian Moss continues to spout weird nonsense following on from yesterday, instead of Daily Reaction, and when Dan Oravasaari is too drunk to write coherently so he submits stupid images.

Dear Diary,

It’s getting worse, I’m finding it harder to remember my surroundings, the world, my essence. Have I told you this before? This diary looked larger on the outside, but there are only a few pages inside. Should I read what I have written before? I’m hesitant, it feels like someone is watching me. Am I truly alone, or is there something else out there? I don’t know which is scarier.

The world only seems clearer when the stranger is nearby. But, my dearest of diaries, don’t mistake this as love, rather something deeper, more intrinsically linked to my very being. How can I live if reality is only clear around him? My memories are jumbled, did something happen yesterday, the day before or not at all? There’s only one way to keep my memories organized, chronological, ordered.

Save me.

-Norman Pincus Charles

Dan: Here is an idea Seb and I have been throwing around, it’s basically a “what if video game characters had a yearbook?” Let us know what you think and if you would like to see more.

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