God of War Car Redefines Road Rage

Kratos is the perpetually pissed off anti-hero star of the God of War series who murders everyone, and everything in sight (including the very Gods) as such I’m not sure whether his latest cameo; gracing the hood of this car is intimidating, dorky, or badass.

Having a video game character car paint job doesn’t usually scream “cool” but this image works fairly well due to the overall subtle dark tones, combined with how armored, and centrally positioned Kratos is. As far as this design looking threatening? Well keep in mind that Kratos is a killing machine being depicted on a literal high speed machine capable of killing driven by someone psychologically unstable enough to spend thousands of dollars to place said killing machine on their potential murder-mobile, so I’m not going to say you should fear this beautiful modern day chariot of death, but you might want to be careful if it ever appears in your rear view mirror.

A custom paint job devalues a car immensely, and typically makes resale a thing of nightmares, as such would you accept this design on your car for free, no questions asked?