PlayStation Battle Royale Features All-Star Original Voice Cast – Listen To Them Here!

One major indisputable advantage Sony has with PlayStation All-Stars in comparison to Nintendo’s Smash Bros series is the wide range of talented voice-actors that breathe life into many of our favorite PlayStation characters, in contrast to Nintendo’s lineup of grunting mute brawlers.

And this chatty charm is clearly present in Battle Royale since all of the previously voiced PlayStation icons are bringing their original voice actors to the mix – sans Nariko, and Jak who’s replacement sounds sorta scary in a couple different awkward ways.

Voice cast highlights include:

  • Nolan North voicing Nathan Drake
  • Eric Laden voicing good/evil Cole McGrath
  • James Taylor voicing Ratchet
  • David Kaye voicing Clank
  • Kevin Miller voicing Sly Cooper
  • Terrence Carson voicing Kratos
  • J.S Gilbert voicing Sweet Tooth
  • David Hayter (voice of Solid/Naked Snakes) has been outed as playing an undisclosed role in PlayStation All-Stars as well.

You can listen to all of these talented talkers, and the rest of the cast stretch their vocal cords with smack talk in the voice compilation video below.

Who are you most excited to hear taunting your opponents in All-Stars? I’m getting a bit of a kick out of Sweet Tooth’s well represented, intimidatingly psycho, personality myself.