Infamous Voice Actor Confirms Cole, Drake and Snake for PlayStation All-Stars

Eric Laddin, the voice actor for Infamous 2’s Cole MacGrath has just outed three new characters that will be coming to Sony’s answer to Super Smash Bros.

According to a tweet from Laddin, it looks like David Hayter’s Solid Snake and Nolan North’s Nathan Drake will be joining the lineup of available PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale characters in addition to Laddin’s Cole. This should hardly come as a surprise, especially when considering how important all three characters are to the PlayStation brand.

To read up on who else we’re looking forward to see come to Sony’s brawler, be sure to check out our recent editorial that looks at some of the PlayStation’s “usual suspects.” There’s a very good chance that Sony will reveal a much larger portion of the cast at their E3 press conference, but until then, sound off in the comments below with who you’d like to see Sony bring to All-Stars.