Treyarch Details Optional Texture Install Pack for PS3 Version of Black Ops 2

Call of Duty developer Treyarch has revealed that PlayStation 3 gamers will have the option to download a texture pack for Black Ops 2 when the game releases this November.

Those of you salivating at the prospect of improved visuals are in for a bit of disappointment however, as the main purpose of the install is to take some of the burden off of the Blu-ray, so it doesn’t wear out so easily.

On the community forum for the game, design director David Vonderhaar explained:

When we explained to PS3 folks that installing to the HDD wouldn’t necessarily give us any significant performance gains, they explained back that the issue is they play so much it puts constant stress on the Blu-ray drive and wears them out. Roger that.

Vonderhaar went on to add that the pack will take up “a non-trivial amount” of hard drive space, but didn’t specify how large the install could be.