Rumor: Spark Unlimited Working on Onimusha 4

While they currently have their hands busy with Lost Planet 3, it looks like Capcom may have entrusted Spark Unlimited with another one of its franchises.

According to a rumor from PSM3 UK (via CVG) the publisher has Spark Unlimited working on an “adventure series reboot”, which the outlets presumes to be Onimusha 4. While this is merely a rumor, it sure has been a while since we’ve seen a proper Onimusha title, with Dawn of Dreams having released back in 2006.

It’s hard to imagine how Spark Unlimited will be able to manage everything that’s currently on its plate. In addition to Lost Planet 3, it was revealed at TGS that the studio would be working with Team Ninja on a new Ninja Gaiden title. Add Onimusha too the list, and you’ve got a whole lot of work for a dev team that has yet to deliver a truly compelling game.

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