Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner – Trailer, Screens, and Info!

Telltale’s episodic Walking Dead series has taken us on a grim character and decision focused ride that’s had the gaming community ravenous for each upcoming chapter in what may very well become the first digitally discharged GOTY contender, and with 2 more episodes to go (in the US) excitement is rapidly building for The Walking Dead’s fast approaching conclusion.

According to Gary Whitta, the writer penning The Walking Dead Episode 4, the climactic events of this chapter will make the wait for the final episode particularly agonizing, but what’s happening in episode 4? Apparently a horrifying secret of “unspeakable acts” takes place in Savannah, and our heroes will be lucky to even make it out alive.

Less specifically, the fourth episode of The Walking Dead is said to contain some of the most dramatically intense scenes of the whole series, and it’s claimed to be the most ambitious episode yet in terms of action and choices; in fact Telltale is working hard to make sure we despise them by the end of episode 4:

and the choices — well, if we’ve done our job right you’re going to hate us for some of the decisions this episode forces you to make.

As a run-of-the-mill netizen, I’m always open to illogically spewing hatred towards a company that’s working hard to win my favor dollar, so I’m excited to see what Telltale has in store for The Walking Dead Episode 4.

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