Want to Play the God of War: Ascension Single Player Demo? Buy Total Recall!

When Total Recall released in theaters this summer, it was accompanied by disappointing reviews and even worse box office numbers, not even clearing the $60 million mark in domestic gross.

Most likely in an effort to help increase sales of the movie when it comes to home video on December 18th, both the Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack for Total Recall will come complete with the full God of War: Ascension single player demo. This won’t be a brand new demo though, just the one that was played during E3.

This offer will expire just a few weeks later on January 8th, 2013, so make sure you put this on your holiday wishlist or snag it for cheap on Boxing Day.

If you don’t want to own Total Recall but still want to play God of War: Ascension, the PlayStation Plus-exclusive multiplayer beta will most likely begin on November 13th.