Retro City Rampage Stuck in Certification for EU PSN Store

In a turn of events that is becoming increasingly commonplace, a major PSN release has been delayed from the EU PSN store.

In recent history, The Walking Dead Episode 3 was delayed for several weeks, something Telltale blamed on SCEE, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive has remained inexplicably delayed even to this day. Today, Retro City Rampage for the PS3 and Vita was nowhere to be seen on the store update, with Sony’s Jawad Ashraf revealing that “It’s going through certification currently.” The delay might actually have a good reason, however, as the SCEA version – released yesterday – was immediately given a day one patch to fix critical bugs.

But with that patch now out, it does make us hope how long we have to wait until the game does come to Europe, although it’s sadly unlikely that Sony will break their usual weekly release schedule, so next week will probably be the earliest opportunity to download it. Ashraf only said:

Some time this month. Should hopefully be quite soon.

The Walking Dead Episode 4 was also absent from the update.