CyberConnect 2 Confirms New .hack Title in the Works, Coming to Both Consoles and Handhelds

Anime fans will be pleased to hear that developer CyberConnect 2 is currently working on a brand-new entry in the .hack series.

During New York Comic Con, Hiroshi Matsuyama, the head of CyberConnect 2 unveiled the news, telling Gematsu, “There is actually a [.hack] title that has yet to be revealed, in which we will implement new ideas. Stay tuned for details, as we’re not allowed to release them right now.”

The only other piece of information Matsuyama was willing to share was that the game will be coming to consoles as well as handhelds. We don’t know exactly what hardware he is talking about, but one would think that the PS3 and PS Vita would be safe bets. With the soaring popularity of the mobile market, it’s possible it may head to smartphones in some form as well.

All you .hack fans, where would you like to see CyberConnect 2 take the franchise? Let us know in the comments below.