Console Version Of Lego Lord of the Rings Possibly Pushed Back By 2 Weeks

Last we heard about Lego Lord of the Rings on PS3 and PS Vita, they were both scheduled for an October 30th release date in North America, but now nearly every single retailer has updated their product listings, pointing towards a two week delay on the PS3 (and 360).

GameStop currently has the console version as a November 13th release, with Amazon saying it will be out on November 14th and they’re even offering you a $10 credit with purchase. Considering that just last week they had said it was coming on October 30th, this likely confirms that a slight delay will be happening.

If this turns out to be true, it could be a move to place it closer to the theatrical release of The Hobbit on December 14th, advertising both the game and movie in flyers, commercials, etc.

This delay doesn’t seem to have affected the PlayStation Vita version of the game though, which is still scheduled for an October 30th release date, along with 3DS and DS.

If we get any more news on this, we’ll let you know.