Insomniac Walks Gamers Through a Hefty Chunk of Fuse

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating more news on Insomniac’s upcoming cooperative shooter, then you’ll be pleased to know that the developer has just released an eighteen minute walkthrough for Fuse.

In the lengthy video below, CEO and president of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, takes you through a substantial portion of the game, finally providing that extensive look everyone has been dying to see.

Many were up in arms about the visual change when the developer announced that the game would be rebranded from Overstrike to Fuse, so hopefully the footage above will assuage those fears.

Be sure to sound off in the comments below, letting us know what you think of Fuse thus far. Is Insomniac on the right track, or were they better off sticking with the overly Pixar-like visual style of Overstrike?

Fuse is set to launch in March of next year for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.